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Testing Services

   Different from the conventional NDT system, Nanovoxelprovides material scientists the tools for 3D internal structure characterizations like pores, cracks and impurities, as well as 3D imaging of their spatial distributions. NanoVoxel, with its leading technologies, provides a brand-new platform for new material research and development. Under multi-field coupling environment, this new 3D imaging platform enables material researchers to be able to observe, analysis, simulate and test which have never been possibly performed previously.  

  • 3D visualization of inner micro-structure

  • Structure measurement

  • 3D/2D morphology analysis of different components

  • Defects/Pores/Cracks 3D analysis and statistics

  • 3D orientation analysis and statistics of fiber

  • Permeability calculation and analysis

  • Wall thickness analysis of porous material

  • Impurities between particles and wrappagevolume calculation

  • Structure homogeneity calculation